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Spain & Portugal? Yes, please!

Posted on 01/27/2019

Discover a region bursting with energy and passion! From top to bottom, Spain and Portugal will provide some of the most spectacular scenery, iconic works of art, and simply delicious cuisine – these areas cannot be missed! There are plenty of touring options available, each offering its own unique perspective on two truly remarkable countries.

Spain's Classics & Portugal is a lovely touring option that provides the traveler professionally guided touring of THIRTEEN UNESCO World Heritage sites – what an amazing opportunity! Exploration of a Royal Palace and all its treasures within is another wonderful inclusion on this tour. The fun doesn’t even stop there - there’s so much more to see and do.

Spain's Costa del Sol & The Portuguese Riviera is another wonderful guided tour that includes 6 UNESCO sites, and exploration of the gorgeous Prado Museum where priceless works of art reside. They’ll visit Fatima, a world famous pilgrimage site, and hop aboard the thrilling AVE high-speed train, knowing that many more discoveries exist – travellers are captivated by the carefully crafted itinerary.

Our Madrid, Seville & Lisbon guided tour is the NEWEST tour added to our Spain and Portugal collection, and will be a pleasure for clients who may already be familiar with Spain and Portugal, and are looking for a something new and exciting. This tour is a cultural adventure and highlights the best historical sites while opening eyes to the charm the surrounds! From strolling the romantic streets of Seville to chatting with a Flamenco dancer, travellers will be enthralled on many different levels.

And we saved the best for last, or should we say ‘savored’ the best for last? On many tours, wine is included with dinners, and there are MANY flavorful culinary inclusions! The local cuisines of Spain and Portugal stand out as being among the finest in Europe; everyone’s taste buds will surely fall in love with this region.

Spain and Portugal are filled to the brim with everything that makes guided touring so popular: the sights, the sounds, and the flavors- all the details perfectly planned out, with only amazing experiences left to enjoy.

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